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"There are more treatments available. There is better understanding. There is more acceptances that addiction is a medical condition with real medical solutions than there ever has been."

– A. Thomas McLellan, Ph.D., 2006

The staff at Sundance Methadone Treatment Center will help you recognize the many faces of addiction and help you understand that treatment works. Our Methadone Treatment Program uses a collaborative process and with your participation, our staff will put together a personalized treatment plan that will directly address your addiction severity and special needs. With assessment and planning, underlying and co-existing conditions can be brought to light and a proper treatment plan can be prescribed.

The possibility of a long-term recovery is strengthened by addressing individual patient needs, taking the whole person into account. At Sundance Methadone Treatment Center, both men and women are treated. We also have programs treating HIV/AIDS patients, and Spanish speaking clients. It is our goal to offer a personalized and proven approach to addiction treatment resulting in a long-lasting success.

Left untreated, opiate addiction will continue to deteriorate a substance abusers physical and mental condition, often leading to premature death. Treatment is available and can help substance abusers achieve long-term recovery from opiate addiction, regaining control of their lives. We are here for you and want to help today.

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