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Setting Things Straight! Debunking Methadone Myths



According to the website, methadone has been legally available in the United States since 1947. Methadone treatment success rates range from 60% to 90%, and outcomes improve the longer a patient remains in treatment. How can something that is proven to be so successful for so many still have a negative stigma linked to it? Methadone and Methadone centers remain a controversial topic, and a lot of what is popularly known about the medication has little basis in fact.

Methadone reduces withdrawal symptoms in people addicted to heroin or other narcotic drugs. In most reputable Methadone clinics methadone is used in collaboration with a personalized plan for the patient that will help them immediately with their drug withdrawal and help plan for their future. When deciding the best heroin treatment or drug treatment for you or a loved one, it's time to put these methadone myths to rest so that you can make an educated decision moving forward.

  1. Methadone Is Worse for You Than Heroin

    The fact that methadone does not impair functioning is the most obvious reason why it’s not as bad as heroin and other opioids. Methadone is also regulated, which means that it is never cut with other substances. People using heroin expose themselves to a random mix of different cutting agents and the health consequences can be severe. The website states that, "methadone is a non-toxic medication, and studies have shown that people have used it as a treatment modality for decades without harm." However, methadone can be dangerous if taken inappropriately. This is why a methadone clinic is the preferred course of action for an addict, so that their methadone intake is regulated and they have a support staff and doctors available to help.

  2. You're Still an Addict

    Many people believe that you're trading one addiction for the other when going in for methadone treatment, but that is not true at all. According to the DSM-IV, the manual that doctors use to diagnose mental disorders, methadone does not qualify as an addictive drug. Methadone is comparable to the insulin that diabetics use; it’s a medication that can be taken on a regular basis in order to keep the patient stable. Drugs that are addictive cause impairment, increased tolerance, and permanent damage to the brain and body. Methadone does none of these things.

  3. Methadone Has Harmful Physical Effects

    The following myths have to do with the physical side effects of taking methadone and have all been proven false. It does not rot your teeth or your bones. It does not lower immune function or affect your memory or your intelligence in any way. The website discusses longitudinal intelligence test studies on methadone users. They have found that chronic use of the medication results in no intelligence decline. Finally, it does not cause weight gain or have any link in making men sterile. There are many websites, articles, and studies that prove all of these concerns to be false.

Heroin and drug addiction are very serious and oftentimes fatal. Finding the best treatments available should be your number one priority and luckily, the internet has a never-ending list of help available to you or your loved one. If you've heard something negative about a possible life-saving treatment option, do your due diligence and research, talk to a professional, whatever it takes. Don't let common myths, stigmas, or falsehoods deter you from something that could ultimately change your life.

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