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Methadone Treatment 101: An Effective Way To Treat Addiction


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Opiate addiction is difficult to overcome because of the intensity of the withdrawal stage. Withdrawal symptoms are often severe depression, fatigue, vomiting, anxiety, and flu-like symptoms that may last up to two days.

A lack of professional support while going through the withdrawal stage of addiction can lead many suffering from substance abuse to give up hope. However, methadone centers can assist you through this difficult stage to help you recover from opiate addiction as painlessly as possible.

What is methadone?
Methadone is a type of narcotic that works by blocking the pain receptors of the brain affected by opiate use.

How can methadone treatments help me?
By blocking the pain receptors of the brain methadone reduces cravings and withdrawal symptoms in substance abuse patients. This gives patients a sense of control during the withdrawal process and alleviates the feeling of dependency.

How long would I be on methadone?
According to Sundance Treatment Centers, methadone is used in the detoxification process anywhere between 30 to 180 days depending on the length of the process. “Short-term detoxification does not exceed 30 days. Long-term detoxification lasts from 31 to 180 days.” However, how long a patient remains on methadone depends ultimately on the patient and their physician. In the end, the patient will remain on the drug as long as necessary to combat their opiate addiction.

How is methadone administered?
Methadone centers can administer the medicine to you in the form of a liquid, pill, or tablet. The amount of dosage may be anywhere between 60 to 100 mg depending on treatment.

Will methadone treatment make me addicted to methadone?
No. A methadone clinic is in full control of the amount of methadone that is administered to their patients. When the methadone detoxification process is over the dosage is gradually reduced so the patient experiences minimal discomfort rather than the pain of a full and sudden withdrawal.

Substance abuse is difficult to recover from on your own. Non-medical treatments for opiate addiction that is abstinence-based only have a success rate of 5-10%. However, methadone centers exist to help you recover from opiate addiction as smoothly and painlessly as possible. With professional treatment, hope can be more than a four letter word.

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