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Different Treatment Approaches for Drug Addiction

Finding treatment for drug addiction is an admiral step towards recovery. Because drug addiction affects everyone differently, there isn’t one clear solution to recovery that will work for everyone. Instead, there are many different types of treatment options that are tailored to the unique situation of the person with an addiction. Below, we will list some of the many different treatment approaches for drug addiction. Depending on your situation, you may undergo one or more of these treatment methods if you are seeking professional help to recover from an addiction.


One of the most effective ways to treat drug addiction is medication. In certain cases, medications can be used to help reduce cravings and re-establish normal brain functions. For example, methadone can be used to help treat opioid addiction by helping suppress withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings associated with the drug.

Medications can be used to aid recovery in various aspects of the treatment process, including detoxification and relapse prevention. Often medication is used in conjunction with other treatment methods such as behavioral therapy in order to help those with drug addictions recover. 

Behavioral Therapy

In addition to medication, behavioral therapy is also often one of the most effective methods for treating drug addiction. Behavioral therapy is a broad term that refers to various different types of therapy that can be used to treat addiction by identifying and helping change self-destructive behaviors.

The underlying premise of behavioral therapy is that unhealthy behaviors are learned and can thus be changed. Typically, behavioral treatment will revolve around modifying the attitudes and behaviors of the patient in relation to drug abuse, as well as focusing on increasing healthy life skills. Examples of some of the different types of behavioral therapy include cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational incentives, and multidimensional family therapy.


Drug addiction is an ongoing challenge. Even if an individual has been drug-free for several months, years, or even decades, they are still susceptible to having a relapse. In order to prevent relapse, long-term follow-up programs known as aftercare are often necessary after the initial treatment has concluded. Follow-up treatments may involve building family- or community-based support systems for recovery, 12-step meetings, counseling, or outpatient care.

The Sundance Methadone Treatment Center is an opioid recovery center in Chicago committed to helping those who have a substance abuse addiction recover and reclaim control of their lives. In order to help facilitate your total recovery, we will address the root cause of your addiction and assess which treatment options are best suited to your unique situation. To take the first step towards recovery, contact us today.

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