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3 Reasons To Choose Methadone for Heroin Treatment


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Substance abuse has always been a serious problem in the United States, but in recent years the increased use of opiates such as prescription painkillers and heroin has reached epidemic proportions. In 2015 alone, 6,000 teenagers and 155,000 young adults were among the 591,000 Americans suffering from heroin use. The crisis has gotten so bad that many politicians are calling on the president to declare a national health emergency.

However, successful heroin treatment is available. Because of the intense physical dependency created by long-term heroin use, abstinence-based treatment for addiction has only been successful in 5% to 10% of cases. However, methadone treatments have been shown to be incredibly effective.

When researching heroin treatment for yourself or a loved one, it's important to consider all of your options. To that end, it's helpful to understand why so many people have chosen to incorporate methadone clinics into their treatment plan:

  1. Methadone can keep you from breaking the law
    Opiates such as heroin are often illegal and can cost an addict a lot of money. And because heroin withdrawal is so unbearably painful, both physically and mentally, many addicts eventually resort to criminal activity to "get well." However, methadone clinics are completely legal, and patients will receive care under professional supervision. Once the patient is stabilized, it will no longer be necessary to resort to desperate measures like shoplifting.

  2. Methadone can make you feel better
    Abstinence-based treatments for drug addiction typically fail because they don't take into account the strength of the withdrawal symptoms when an addict attempts to detox cold turkey. Plus, after a prolonged period of addiction, many people will sink into a deep depression in the early days of recovery. For this reason, methadone can provide the stability needed to achieve long-term recovery.
    Methadone works by binding to the opiate-receptors of the addict's brain, and unlike most opiates it has an extremely long half-life. In the early days of recovery, this ensures that the patient will not suffer from withdrawal and thus reduces cravings. However, because methadone stays in the system for so long, it breaks the cycle of use-withdrawal that causes so much pain.

  3. Methadone can help pregnant women
    Those suffering from opiate addiction while pregnant often put their baby at risk for opiate addiction as well. However, it can often be difficult for pregnant women to detox because the withdrawal symptoms can often be severe enough to put the fetus at risk. Methadone clinics can help to reduce these withdrawal symptoms, therefore allowing those who are pregnant to overcome their addiction safely and successfully. Additionally, those pregnant women who have sought treatment with methadone clinics have been shown to be more likely to receive prenatal care than those who are still suffering from addiction.

For many heroin addicts, methadone clinics provide effective rehabilitation. If you or a loved one is suffering from heroin or opiate addiction, then methadone may be the solution you're looking for. When used in conjunction with therapy, peer support groups, and other forms of therapy, methadone can help addicts reclaim their lives once and for all.

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